3D modelling of the bridge saved money

Highway Design and 3d modelling

Have you thought about the quality of your highway designs? If your team is still working the way they did 10 years ago then they need to adopt the BIM protocols and change the way they are working. The benefits you can realise are as follows: Clash detection Direct savings on...
The continual development of BIM: How can you utilise it?

The continual development of BIM: How can your firm utilise it?

Level 2 is here and we’re on the path to Level 3, but the continual development of BIM is vital for future innovation. Stroma Certification explain BIM is slowly beginning to permeate the industry.  It is surrounded by a Government strategy background and a long timeline of development, but it...
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Digital Transformation in Construction – The Productivity Puzzle

If you consider that the construction industry is being driven by megatrends, such as sustainable buildings and increases in population, it faces significant challenges. In fact, the world’s urban population is increasing by 200,000 people per day. These people need housing and infrastructure. The much-lauded Crossrail project is being developed...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

How can local authorities get the most out of 3D modelling?

Cassidy Forsythe discuss the information a contractor needs to work more efficiently on a project and the benefits 3D modelling can bring Are you working for a local authority about to start work on a large project? Or are you working for Consulting Engineers about to start work on behalf of...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

BIM protocols – Do you need to revise your working practices?

So you have accepted that it’s a good idea to work in line with the BIM protocols, however are you prepared to change your working practices? As you are probably aware now, BIM is about a number of things, including 3D modelling, 4D schedule simulation, 5D cost estimation and 6D...
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ProductXchange undergoes a spring clean

Information managers can benefit from using ProductXChange, a turnkey solution for delivering accurate asset information. CoBuilder's CEO Nick Tune explains With the penetration of data-driven technologies in the construction industry, we have seen the development of an important role within the sector. The Information Manager has become a key player...

Solibri Model Checker – Imagine reliable information on demand

Solibri Model Checker allows you to perform quality control checks to your authored models utilising the industry open standard IFC before submission. The construction industry is slowly moving from a very traditional, blinkered and adversarial world based on 2D transactions to an exciting and collaborative digital process fuelled by the...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

2D drawings – Out of date working practices

Creating 2D drawings from 3D designs is now the most efficient way of working, Martin Young of Cassidy Forsythe discusses the reasons Are you still producing 2D drawings and then producing a 3D model afterwards because you think you  need to do BIM ? In other words, your 2D drawings are not...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

Cromer Road interchange saves £400k using 3D modelling

The Cromer Road interchange on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR) project involves the construction of a new overbridge to take the re-aligned A140 Cromer Road over the NNDR. The A140 is one the primary traffic routes into Norwich city centre. The design of the new bridge placed it very close...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

3D modelling identifies earthworks lack of fill material

The Norwich Northern Distributor Road scheme was designed with the earthworks in balance.  The original design was carried out by Norfolk County Council based on a LIDAR survey of the route in 2006. Following contract award, a topographical survey of the entire scheme was carried out (on foot, using GPS...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

3D modelling ensures quality while maintaining control

Martin Young, of Cassidy Forsythe explains why 3D modelling Rackheath bridge was a vital part of the project, highlighting problems prior to construction
Oasys Ltd - Your Ideas Brought To Life

Specialist Engineering Software

Oasys software is developed by engineers, for engineers who need to get the most out of their designs. A conscious effort is placed on BIM delivery & software connectivity in order to streamline your efficiency. From geotechnical solutions to structural design & analysis, our software ensure you can work...
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COBie functionality with ProductXchange

COBie functionality - Great news for manufacturers, clients, contractors and designers. ProductXchange has now a COBie filter functionality! Project Information Managers can set project data requirements while collecting data directly from manufacturers and subcontractors, validating/verifying and exporting it to models, all within the ProductXchange platform tool (incl. delivery of BIM...

Winning with Dynamo

On 18th October, Autodesk Technical Sales Specialist and Dynamo expert Dieter Vermeulen presented Winning with Dynamo, a 60-minute online introduction to this ground-breaking technology. This presentation was exactly what I was hoping it would be - a great overview of the software for ALL customers.  A lot of customers...

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