Speaking in tongues – Deciphering the language of flood resilience for architects

Aquobex discuss the terminology and technical jargon of flood resilience to make things clear Most industries and professions are guilty talking jargon; it makes communication easier among those in the know but jargon can often isolate or shut out those who don’t quite understand it and the field of flood...

Temporary Flood Barriers

Aquobex have the two fastest and safest (to deploy) temporary flood barriers in the world, amongst a portfolio that aims to address a wide variety of community wide flood scenarios. Our range of temporary flood barriers include Rapidam – a PVC coated fabric barrier, K50 – a metal barrier, EcoDam...

Testing of flood resilient solutions

Aquobex discuss their testing of flood resilient solutions, developing testing protocols in order to asses varying approaches to flooding The flood protection industry is growing rapidly and is being pushed forward by both national policy and market forces. However, the danger of this fast pace of growth is that it...
Mick George

Online Trade Account – The first rule of Trade Club

Mick George's Online Trade Account is updating the previous Credit Account, coming with added benefits including exclusive deals Things are changing with the new Mick George Online Trade Account.  Historically, a Mick George ‘Credit Account’ meant that savings and credit terms could be achieved on the business’s core services, most notably...
Mick George

Networx – a new initiative for self-starters and existing businesses

Mick George's ‘Networx’ programme is an exciting initiative for self-starters or existing businesses looking to expand, utilising an affiliate type scheme In a modern era, one of the common phrases often banded about is that of a ‘work-life balance’, and recent employment figures suggest that such desirability’s are now being...

Beco WALLFORM: Building Better – Must Do, Can Do

Beco WALLFORM discuss the growing need for housing and how the UK building industry can overcome the pressures of demand We do have the technology, the materials and the resources to meet the growing demand for more housing.   More houses built to better standards – Passivhaus standards even – all using...
Mick George

Acton Gardens development set for demolition works

Mick George Ltd discuss the demolition works in a bid to deliver 246 new homes in a redevelopment scheme Progress on the award-winning Acton Gardens development in West London is steaming ahead, with Construction now underway across Phase 7.1 of the £600m project, which is a joint venture between Countryside Properties and...
Mick George

Asbestos Firm comes up with the funds for Mesothelioma UK Charity

Mick George Ltd discuss their partnership with Mesothelioma UK, a charity that shares a bond with asbestos related issues. Over recent times, huge strides forward have been achieved in relation to Asbestos linked healthcare issues, and one of the fundamental reasons behind the continued progression, is Leicestershire based charity, Mesothelioma...
Mick George

Mick George Leasing – Mick George Ltd are Gunning’ for Lease Success

Mick George Ltd discuss the benefits of using Mick George leasing for private or business vehicles; headed by Steve Howell, Vehicle Leasing Director. At first glance, a Construction Company may not seem the obvious choice when seeking to purchase or lease a vehicle, regardless of its purpose, private or business....
Mick George

Environment Agency calls on Mick George Ltd for Solutions for flood defence scheme

Mick George Ltd discuss their recent Earthworks contract in relation to their flood defence scheme, raising the flood banks at Ouse Washes reservoir. Having been awarded the £10.5million Earthworks contract, Mick George Ltd has recently set to work on raising the flood banks at the Ouse Washes reservoir, spanning Cambridgeshire...
Mick George

Landfill taxes – Treatment is better than cure, prescribed by Mick George Ltd

Mick George Ltd discuss their solution to avoid the paying landfill taxes for waste disposal with their sustainable programmes. Projects, developments, or refurbishments, call it what you will, one thing that inherently results from such upgrades, is incurred costs. By nature, things are likely to improve, so it is an expenditure...
Mick George

Local FD, Jon Stump, maneuvers through South America for charity

Jon Stump, Finance Director, has embraced the ‘Challenge Yourself’ task set by Mick George Ltd to its employees to raise money for its selected charities of the year. ‘Challenge Yourself’ was the task set by Mick George Ltd to its employees, management and directors throughout the business, in an attempt...
Mick George

Mick’s Mates Live in Action – an installation service of accredited tradesmen

Mick George Ltd discuss the progress of Mick's Mates, an installation service made up of accredited local tradesmen to fulfil a number of installation needs. It was only a relatively short time ago, Mick George Ltd introduced Mick’s Mates, an installation service made up of accredited local tradesmen completing works...

Avoiding assumptions can help you avoid accessibility problems

Ian Streets, of About Access discusses how the principles of good accessibility are imperative when designing for people with disabilities

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