Medite Smartply

MEDITE SMARTPLY – sustainable timber construction panels

MEDITE SMARTPLY is a market leading manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels, providing consistent quality products
UK Connect - communication solutions for the construction industry

UK Connect – leading communications provider to the construction industry

UK CONNECT is the UK’s leading provider of communication and IT solutions to the construction industry, specialising in rapid connectivity

Lesko Modular Group – Modern Methods of Construction

Lesko Modular Group Ltd is an offsite construction company utilising modern methods of construction to supply turnkey solutions Lesko Modular Group’s vision is to become a market leading offsite construction business supplying quality products and services to the Residential and Leisure sectors. Striving to become an employer of choice in...

MetSwift – A new meteorological intelligence

Metswift weather prediction: enabling Planning, Business and Construction to swiftly arrive at intelligent weather risk decision-making. Brighter skies for weather risk calculation In response to industry, MetSwift have ascertained the real and changing needs of risk management in relation to meteorological probability & prediction. Instant, accurate, predictive, parametric MetSwift have located a gap...

Modularize – The Offsite Construction Experts

Modularize are leading offsite construction experts, provide end-to-end services in Modern Methods of Construction with a range of construction services.
Steel Construction Institute_v3

Steel Construction Institute – Research, advice and support

The Steel Construction Institute has been a trusted independent source of information and expertise in the steel construction industry for 30 years.
Wienerberger LTD

Wienerberger – The world’s largest manufacturer of bricks

Our vision is to become the most recognised and respected provider of bricks and other building material solutions in the UK market. 
Hemsec Manufacturing LTD

Hemsec Manufacturing LTD – insulated panel manufacturers

When you can improve your reputation by using the right insulated panels, it makes sense to work with Hemsec - a trusted partner.
StormMeister Flood Protection

StormMeister – Developing world-leading flood protection

Flood water is a powerful force and StormMeister products harness that force to maintain flood protection without using complex locking mechanisms.

UniBlock – Modern, Versatile construction

UniBlock is an insulating Concrete Formwork for use in various sectors of the construction industry, an uncomplicated system to meet your needs.

Lucideon – Materials Development and Commercialisation

Lucideon’s knowledge and experience of the construction industry is backed up by multifaceted testing, consultancy and R&D capabilities.
CPA Construction Products Association

The Construction Products Association

The Construction Products Association is the leading voice to promote and campaign for construction product manufacturers and suppliers.
A Proctor Group

The A.Proctor Group – Construction Industry Solutions

The A.Proctor Group – a family company with a long and successful history of pioneering products to meet the challenges within the construction industry.
MESS (Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd)

MESS (Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd)

MESS provides dynamic & bespoke software solutions for the modern engineering professional, understanding what you want and how you want to use it Dynamic & bespoke software solutions for the modern engineering professional.  Light Gauge Steel (LGS) like many Modern Methods of Construction is becoming less of a niche market and a...

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