Social distancing helmets keep HS2 workers safe


Crawley-based OnSite Support Ltd has supplied social distancing equipment to HS2’s main construction works partners to keep workers safe

In September 2020 they began supplying one of their new innovative products ‘ZoneRanger’ to construction sites and satellite offices along the HS2 route.

Designed to help workers maintain safe distancing

ZoneRanger is a centrally charged, small lightweight device that can be affixed to a site safety helmet, wrist band or cord, providing a safe solution for office and site-based personnel.

The device ‘bleeps’ to alert the user if they come within two metres of a colleague, helping to ensure that Covid safe working practices are maintained.

OnSite Support is now developing their innovative product so that it can also be used to enhance safe distancing between people and plant machinery on construction sites.

HS2’s construction partner Mace Dragados joint venture, who are working with HS2 Ltd and its station designers to build the new London Euston station, has been using the device on its construction sites for the past three months.

Onsite Support is among the latest innovation-led SMEs to join HS2’s supply chain.

Over 2,000 companies have already won work on the project, 70% of which are SMEs and over 95% are based in the UK.

OnSite Support also works closely with HS2 Ltd and its suppliers to support their drive to bring more women into the workplace and create an inclusive working environment.

Their PPE solutions, designed exclusively for female workers, include a bespoke maternity range and modesty PPE which HS2’s construction partner Align joint venture is supplying to its female personnel.

Feedback from female workers is incorporated into the final design process to ensure that site safety wear is designed to the exact requirements for its female staff.

Supplying the very latest technology

John Brooks, site operations and logistics lead at Mace Dragados joint venture, said: “ZoneRanger has helped our on-site teams to maintain social distancing while they carry out their day-to-day activities.

“This has been important for the wellbeing of our people, allowing them to carry out their work with the confidence that they are doing so safely.

“What’s more, as a sector that has been given the opportunity to continue through the various lockdowns, we recognise that construction has a responsibility to lead the way on Covid-19 compliance and we’re delighted that Zoneranger is helping us to achieve that.”

Warren Lynes, managing director of OnSite Support, said: “We’re delighted to be on board with HS2 and supplying the very latest technology and equipment solutions to enhance the safety, comfort and wellbeing of those working on site.

“We feel this is a critical part of ensuring HS2 is a legacy project.

“By working collaboratively with our clients, we have successfully developed solutions which are a perfect match for their requirements, and we look forward to partnering on innovation long into the future.”


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