Kier Highways begins trial of new risk assessment app

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Kier Highways have begun trials on a new innovative risk assessment app, ‘FYLD’, which conducts digital risk assessments to save time, increase safety, and boost collaborative working practices

In addition to increasing accuracy at the point of work, the new risk assessment app can reduce the time it takes to produce risk assessments by up to 85%.

The digital method will increase compliance, reduce stress, and allow independent users to view the risk assessment remotely.

FYLD uses AI to identify construction hazards and control measures in the work environment

FYLD is being trialled on the National Highways Area 13 contract, and uses video analytics and AI to help operatives and managers identify and record hazards and control measures that they see in their work environment.

The risk assessment process currently takes field crews an average of 20 minutes per assessment, but with the new risk assessment app AI can be used to make a radical step change in improving the quality of risk assessments.

The app works through field workers taking 30-second videos of their site, talking through hazards that are present or noticeably absent.

The software’s AI-engine then reviews the video and audio data and generates a visual risk assessment (VRA) with an easy-to-read bullet point list of potential risks and proposed control measures.

Field workers can assess and amend the VRA before it is shared with a remote manager for their review and input.

1300 risk assessments have been completed so far

Currently, 1,300 VRAs have been completed in the trial, with each one saving an average of 17 minutes of field workers’ time.

Overall, this has saved over 360 hours of field worker time in just six weeks.

Using predictive technology to improve safety and productivity

James Bird, senior SHE manager at Kier Highways, commented: “Recent feedback from frontline crews informed us that they sought simpler, faster processes to undertake risk assessments – a task which can occur several times a day for those operating in the field.

“Our field managers, who typically manage multiple job sites spread across an area, wanted better connection and enhanced visibility with their teams on the ground.

“FYLD is the only purpose-built digital tool for the field work sector and offers an easy-to-use interface, simple data collection and communication features.

“It also has a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine which uses predictive technology to improve safety and productivity.”

‘Acting as a key communication tool between the office and the field’

Josh Wood, FYLD client delivery lead, added: “It has been amazing to see how quickly the team at Area 13 has adapted to utilising FYLD to drive safety and productivity, with really strong leadership being shown in championing the change.

“Immediate time savings for fieldworkers and managers have been realised, which has helped in delivering the change as the team have felt the benefits quickly.

“By allowing remote site visibility, FYLD is driving remote, proactive interventions from managers and supervisors, which is both improving safety and productivity outcomes, and acting as a key communication tool between the office and the field.”


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