Barbour ABI has announced a partnership with PLACEMAKE.IO that will enhance the construction supply chain data offered to mutual clients

Barbour ABI’s data will be embedded in PLACEMAKE.IO to help mutual clients understand and forecast construction, development, planning and the supply pipeline.

The partnership will ensure a greater wealth of construction supply chain data is available to investors, suppliers and other key players in the industry.

Dr Chlump Chatkupt, CEO of PLACEMAKE.IO, said: “Clients require data-driven insights that can help them to achieve better outcomes.

“Of all of the factors that influence investment management, underwriting, and general location decision making, one of the most critical is market supply, which directly drives market dynamics such as absorption, performance, risk, and potential.

“And yet, market supply is seldom used by the industry, much less appreciated.

Leverage unrivalled construction intelligence to make faster decisions

“Our partnership with Barbour ABI empowers clients to leverage unrivalled construction intelligence to make faster and more informed decisions with greater confidence.”

Adam Valentine, group director of content & operations at Barbour ABI, said: “We know how important our data is to the many players in the construction industry.

“Our clients depend on us to provide them with the most accurate, up-to-date, robust data to allow them to make the best possible planning and investment decisions.

“Partnering with PLACEMAKE.IO is an exciting step for us as it not only enhances the data we are able to provide to our clients, but it means our data will also be accessible by PLACEMAKE.IO’s clients.

“The more high quality data the industry has access to the better the decisions that will be made and that benefits us all.”

PLACEMAKE.IO is a leading supplier of critical location data and analytics for the real-estate community, helping to ensure better data-driven investment decisions.

Barbour ABI is recognised as a provider of robust data on the entire construction industry, using hands-on specialists to conduct interviews and analyse trends as well as employing technology to deliver data-driven insights.


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