BatiScript: Intuitive construction software to meet UK quality management needs

Using BatiScript

Script&Go’s BatiScript supports improved communication and collaboration, saving time and boosting productivity for everyone involved in quality assurance and quality control

Script&Go has developed BatiScript to meet quality management challenges. This solution combines the advantages of tablet and smartphone use, to ensure efficient construction management: particularly for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes.

The multiple productivity benefits of using BatiScript

Improved communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration is often perceived as being poor in the UK, particularly in the field, within and between teams that work on the same site. This often leads to a significant loss of productivity. Poor communication and collaboration affects the possibility of sharing a common vision among different stakeholders working on the same project.

Through digitisation and the use of BatiScript, everything from project management, the creation and distribution of progress, compliance and other reports to QA tasks (checklist management and verification procedures) and QC tasks (defect management/‘snagging’ and non-conformity/issue management and validation procedures) is made much easier.

Script&Go also suggests using a cloud server to allow all data in the software’s server or client database obtained using BatiScript to be saved and centralised in a secure way for users.

Save time

Digitisation and the use of BatiScript reduces the need for construction professionals to travel back and forth from the office to site. It reduces their dependency on communicating through pen and paper. It accompanies them in their activities, whether they are in the office, on site or anywhere in between – all while being easy-to-use and paper-free.

Intuitive features of BatiScript offer value during construction and after

With BatiScript, all relevant construction and in-use information (tender documentation, shop drawings, RFIs, commissioning documents and so on) needed for use during construction, close out and beyond, once digitised, can be electronically transferred to its integrated document management system. This technical, graphical or non-graphical, information and data can then be easily retrieved by construction or property administrators from the digital archive on a tablet. It can then be used for QA or QC purposes from a tablet or a smartphone (often for snagging).

Through the use of a digital pen (or stylus), handwritten notes can be added direct from site and digitised through handwriting recognition technology integrated in the solution. Information and data captured in mobility from site can also be synchronised (connectivity permitting), analysed and shared among team members as needed.

Thanks to this intuitive mobile digital solution, QA and QC tasks not only become less stressful and more sustainable but also more time/cost effective. In other words, using BatiScript improves the productivity of all involved 10 times over.

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