BIM adoption – is it alive and well or on it’s deathbed?

BIM Adoption

Man and Machine examine the BIM adoption landscape and argue that global standards and skills will be key to greater uptake

The uptake of BIM often sparks some interesting debates. The NBS BIM Report 2017 suggests that 62% of those surveyed are aware of and using BIM. However, the 2017 Construction Manager BIM survey revealed that 49% of clients did not make BIM a requirement on projects.

So, what should we believe?

“Well as a complete BIM solutions provider, we have never been busier”, reports Phil Read, Managing Director of leading BIM specialists Man and Machine.

“Our order book for BIM Manager Training and all things BIM is significant, so much so, that we are planning significant company expansion over the forthcoming months.”

Global shift in thinking

What’s become apparent, is that BIM is not just a UK thing and is being widely discussed and adopted across the globe. The UK certainly gained a lot of momentum from its government mandate to support BIM Level 2. But, it has to be said that places like China, Korea, New Zealand and Australia have taken BIM into their hearts and minds.

To really create a paradigm shift in the building and construction industry on a worldwide basis, however, global standards like openBIM, are almost certainly going to have to gain increasing traction. Several countries, including Denmark, have actually mandated the use of the open, interoperable format IFC, developed by buildingSMART.

Newer developments from buidlingSMART, like the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD), is also likely to gain more international support, as it seeks to allow industry players from all around the world to share and exchange BIM product data.

What’s become clear though, is that there is still much confusion in the marketplace around BIM and the standards being developed.

Phil Read explained:

“Not only is there lack of clarity, but there is also a significant skills shortage developing, and we have tried to address this by offering a very structured BIM Training Programme, called BIM Ready.

“Our aim is to make sure that different groups are trained to the appropriate level.”

“Your perception of BIM depends on your job role, and it is different for a cost estimator than it is for a client or an architect for example. So, we have tried to segment our programme to appeal to different people (Executives, Project Managers, Product Manufacturers, BIM Coordinators and so on).”

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