BIM component library launched by Highways England


A new digital component library has been launched by Highways England for use on highways projects

A new digital library has been launched by Highways England containing building information modelling (BIM) models for highways projects.

The Digital Component Library (DCL) was created by Graduate BIM Technician Faris Mahder, of Costain. It contains over 80 digitally modelled components across several design disciplines such as gantries, vehicle restraint barriers and MS4s. The library, which will be updated continuously with new components, will include assets through various stages of a project’s lifecycle.

It is hoped the library will create greater efficiency by reducing the amount of time and resources spent on recreating digital content. It will also provide early engagement with suppliers and bring confidence for lead times and associated costs.

Mahder said: “The aim of the DCL is to reduce the extensive effort spent recreating content amongst project teams.

“The value for Highways England is in generating project information models more rapidly and at an earlier stage in a project lifecycle.

“The DCL will act as one version of truth, through the availability of digital contents from the highways supply chain.”

The Smart Motorways Programme (SMP) will be the first project to use the library. The scheme forms part of a £15bn government investment delivered between now and 2021 to add some 292 extra lane miles to motorways.

“In the Smart Motorways Programme, there is a huge drive towards standardisation of assets and features commissioned within all projects. The DCL reflects this drive but it doesn’t remove the responsibility of the designer to provide a safe, innovative and buildable solution.”

Mahder added: “We are currently engaging with the supply chain responsible for delivery of the assets on the motorways and trunk roads managed by Highways England.”


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