BIM data for more than 1,200 products has been published by Siemens

bim data
Siemens already has over 1,000 products from different areas that come with BIM data

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has published BIM data for a range of products including fire safety, automation and field devices

Siemens has made available BIM data for more than 1,200 of its products. The Building Technologies Division said this included field devices, those involved in automation, KNX and fire safety products.

The data will be available in a number of formats including REVIT, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), VDI and CIBSE.

A constantly evolving data stream

Siemens said more data will continue to be added and that it expects its BIM data pool to have more than 2,000 products by the middle of the year.

The data will also be flexible to users’ needs. Additional information on the products will be available from the Siemens Download Center via links integrated in each BIM record, allowing users to really utilise the data provided.

Data meets the necessary criteria

Siemens said all the BIM data records in its databanks adhere to the criteria of ISO16757 (previously VDI3805).

The data is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Siemens website.

BIM is undoubtedly vital for assisting in the process of planning, construction and operating buildings. It is both cost effective and improves the overall quality of projects. As its popularity continues to grow data banks such as this will provide essential assistance to those in the sector.

This addition of new BIM data from Siemens will be welcomed by a sector that is increasingly pushing the boundaries of digitalisation.

Growing BIM data catalogue

Siemens is the latest firm in a number of others to make their product data available in this manner. Last year, Ruskin Air Management also launched a similar database for its product data. This was aimed at supporting designers, installers, and operators working with building engineering systems.


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