BIM groups seek to standardise product data sharing


Interested parties are being asked to provide a solution aimed at creating a standardised process for the sharing of product data…

The BIM Task Group, alongside the CPA, BIM4M2, and CIBSE are hoping to develop a plain language dictionary, which will help those requesting information and those providing it with a common set of parameters relating to harmonised standards, as well as other documentations such as CIBSE Guide M and NRM3.

The dictionary would enable the creation of product data sets, as well as the sharing of data across other software platforms through the use of unique identifiers for each parameter.

It is expected a dictionary and template tool will be available to industry by the end of April 2016. It will be host on the CPA website. The dictionary will be mapped to the ISO Industry Foundation Classes.

Parties with an interest in providing a solution to host the dictionary and data sets tool should register their interest no later than 18 March, with final proposals to be received before noon 24 March for review. Final decisions will be made on 29 March, with a kick-off meeting on the 30 March.

Parties that have expressed their interest will receive a copy of the draft product data standard with a more in depth description of the requirements no later than 18 March.

The project will focus initially on the UK market, but aims to be transferred to an international platform. This will be enabled through mapping the Industry Foundation Classes and internationally agreed terminology. This will give the flexibility to provide information in a format the manufacturer is familiar with and for it to be presented to the requester in a format they are also familiar with.

For further details contact:  Steve Thompson



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