BIM Show Live is calling on industry professionals to speak at the event


A call for papers has been made by the BIM Show Live, inviting industry leaders to submit proposals to take on speaker slots at the event

BIM Show Live is seeking industry experts to take speaking slots at its 2017 event, which will be held on 1-2 February in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Interested parties have been asked to submit a proposal for the slots, which comprise of four content streams:

  • Strategy
  • Next Generation
  • Data
  • Stories

One of the founding partners for BIM Show Live, James Austin, Product Manager for Autodesk said: “We’re looking for people who share our passion and want to spread the word throughout the UK and beyond, on why digital construction is an essential component in the modern-day built environment.

“We want to encourage anyone with an idea to stand up and speak, so we are opening up this call for papers to all interested parties.

“We are especially appealing to first time, dynamic speakers to step forward, those with energy and a keenness to share new ideas”.

The call for papers is less rigid in its structure than previous years, and the event hopes to attract fresh ideas and technologies that are positively impacting business.

How to submit a proposal

Submissions must be put forward by 30 November. The submission guidance states that:

  • Sessions are 45 minutes long
  • Proposals should be written in English (or Geordie for extra brownie points)
  • It needs to have an awesome title that will make people want to come (or tempt them enough to take a gamble!)
  • We only need to be able to understand what it’s about enough to select it. This means you don’t have to send us an executive summary or agenda, more like pitch your idea. This could be in a short paragraph, a movie, or however best gets the message across. We’ll use this to select it though, so take your time and get it right.
  • Tell us who you are, what you do, where you do it, and why you are the right person to speak about your chosen topic. And give us contact details in case we have any questions.

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