BIM: Starting with the Design


Some say BIM is a type of software. Others say BIM is the 3D virtual model of buildings.

Many say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of all building data organized into a structure database easy to query both in a visual and a numerical way. It is safe to say that BIM involves all of the above and much more…

For architects, when it comes to BIM, detailed deliverables begin with a 3D digital model of the building. This model, however, is a lot more than pure geometry with some nice textures cast over it for visualization. A true BIM model consists of all the virtual equivalents of the actual building objects and elements used to construct a building.

These intelligent elements are the digital prototype of the physical building elements such as walls, columns, windows, doors, stairs, etc. This allows us to simulate the building and understand its behaviour in a computer model far in advance of the actual construction starting.

Now, clients, building owners and operators are getting more and more access to BIM models through their mobile devices. This shift in access is moving the adoption of BIM onto the next level.


Any architect with the passion to freely explore design ideas can fulfil their wishes without compromising on documentation precision and quality. With ARCHICAD, you can model and shape freely, creating the forms you want and changing complex elements in the most appropriate view.

ARCHICAD provides direct modelling capabilities in a native BIM environment with its end-to-end BIM workflow using Priority Based Connections and Intelligent Building Materials, and the MORPH™ tool.


With an ARCHICAD 3D Building Information Model, all the necessary documentation and images are created automatically. Priority based junctions and intelligent building materials ensure correct graphical representation of elements and materials in sections, surfaces in 3D views, and thermal properties throughout the building energy evaluations.

ARCHICAD also offers a native BIM design and documentation workflow for Renovation and Refurbishment projects. ARCHICAD simplifies the printing or publishing of project 2D drawing sets, generating them easily from the same Building Information Model.


When implementing BIM on any scale, architects, as the authors of a model, need to reliably collaborate with other disciplines. GRAPHISOFT has always been a pioneer of collaboration through the use of IFC to import and export a model. This adoption of IFC allows BIM data to be supplied to engineers, contractors and clients in a standard and widely used format.


GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud® the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, EcoDesigner™, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

John Porter

Marketing Manager

Graphisoft UK Ltd.

Tel: 01895 876222


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