BIM4SME reveals new chair and leadership team


Terry Gough will join BIM4SME as the new chair, while the organisation’s wider leadership sees a shakeup

BIM4SME has revealed Terry Gough will become the organisation’s new chair.

Outgoing Chair of BIM4SME Tim Platts, said: “Terry made an immediate impact in the group with his distinctive take on the use and adoption of BIM on projects – real BIM if you like. His background and discipline has made him a key and valuable member of the leadership team whose commitment is unwavering and determination assured.”

BIM4SME also revealed it plans to shake up its leadership team due to changes to the governance model, the launch of digital2all, and the introduction of the technology channel.

Platts, Raj Chawla, and Andrew Turner will transition to digital2all with immediate effect and will focus their attention on the demands that come from this side of the organisation.

Chawla commented: “The time for shaping digital2all is upon us now.

“We are lucky to have such talents as Terry and the new team at BIM4SME to take on the role.  BIM Level 2 will continue to be served by BIM4SME as previously advised and the group will also align with the other BIM4 groups through the UK BIM Alliance.”

Robert Klaschka and Steve Faulkner will become Vice Chairs alongside Grundy. Jon Frist will lead on the technology bridge between the two organisations.

David Philp said: “BIM4SME was one of the first BIM4 communities to have been established following the announcement of the Construction Strategy and has grown significantly to serve its audience and has been a major achievement of the BIM Task Group within the BIM4 community.

“Its contribution is both significant and its work, especially in the areas of promotion and support, most valid and important. We applaud their ambition to provide a sustainable voice not only for the SME but for the wider supply chain.”

BIM4SME is a non-profit organisation comprising of 28 volunteering individuals from a range of sectors within the construction industry and is now in its fourth year.


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