BIMobject to distribute BIMobject® Apps as free source codes


BIMobject has announced that the BIMobject® Apps will be offered as free source codes to allow other corporations to build apps for the platform BIMobject® Cloud

Since 2012, BIMobject has built several apps that integrate the entire BIMobject® Cloud in various types of BIM software such as Trimble SketchUp, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Autodesk Revit/AutoCAD. The apps have been downloaded and installed by users more than 150,000 times, creating full integration into their respective BIM software. The apps give users increased productivity by allowing them to find and compare products more easily.

The BIMobject® Apps are also a focal part of the platform BIMobject® Hercules. Unlike the BIMobject®Cloud, it is aimed at large consultants, building owners, governments, and contractors. The free source code allows these organisations to enhance the capabilities of the apps by adding, removing, and modifying the features. The outcome is a fully customised version of the apps, tailored to the specific needs within a particular corporation or organisation.

Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject, said: “One of our core principles here at BIMobject is scalability. The BIMobject® Apps – among the most advanced BIM integration solutions – now have room for a whole new level of growth. It will be used either internally or to add even more value to the existing Apps functionality, pushing the envelope for integrated digital product information.”

Using the BIMobject® Apps to connect BIM software to the BIMobject® Cloud can result in a continuous flow of information and a streamlined workflow. In recent years, BIM software providers such as Vectorworks, Allplan, and Archline, have received the source code as part of individual agreements in order fully to integrate their technology with the BIMobject® Cloud.

Now, the decision has been made to make the source code available to more stakeholders in the BIM process, such as large design firms, contractors, governments, and other large-scale third-party developers. This will further strengthen BIMobject’s position on the global market and broaden the user base. Larger businesses will be able to use the Apps and the BIMobject® Cloud for efficient corporate standardisation.

Larsson added: “Some of our competitors charge their app users. We decided to go the other way because we believe in making our solutions accessible and available to every user in the global BIM community.”

The source code will be provided upon application following a review of the applicant’s intended use, as it will not be given to any competitor or allow users to create a competing service.


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