Graitec launches BIMUp global digital conference


Graitec has announced it will be holding a global BIMUp digital conference on the 8-10 October for its customers and potential customers

This event will follow the successful core Graitec philosophy of Design – Simulate – Fabricate – Manage with our service offering of BIMUp.

Graitec’s BIMUp methodology was designed with the foundation of ‘000’s of successful BIM Implementations across the globe, by breaking down 5 key pillars of BIM:

  • The BIM technology implementation
  • Individual/Personalised training
  • BIM project management
  • BIM standards deployment
  • Collaboration.

By adding additional Graitec productivity tools such as Graitec Advance PowerPack for Revit, and full technical support, customers can be safe in the knowledge that partnering with Graitec will provide a clear path for their BIM Journey, enabling them to be up and running quickly and benefit from a successful outcome.

The digital conference, which will be held over 3 days will be in multiple time zones and languages. Graitec will provide learning classes for all aspects of BIM including the latest software technologies, working methodologies and practices. This is a great event for anyone who is looking to enter the BIM arena or is currently using BIM as part of their processes.

Registration will open soon but save the date here.

Steve Houlder, Graitec COO, commented: “Following on from our European BIM Tours, we have decided to hold the event as a digital conference allowing us to address all of our customers and potential customers with a mixture of live and recorded training and educational classes across the countries we serve.

“We expect in excess of 3,000 people to attend our sessions, helping people Design, Simulate, Fabricate and Manage their BIM projects.”

Manuel Liedot, Graitec CEO, added: “Graitec is committed to help its customers to digitise their processes from early design through to fabrication and construction.

“The BIMUp digital conference is a fantastic way to serve these projects by addressing our clients in multiple languages and at a time that suits them, delivering tailored content to enable their BIM Journey. I invite everyone who has some interest in BIM to register and attend.”


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