[VIDEO] Bitesize BIM: What do you need to implement on a project


In this free online series hosted by The Building Society, Elliott Wood associate director, Steve Faulkner will explain how BIM can go beyond simply enhancing coordination

Understanding how to design to create a circular economy is crucial in the built environment’s bid to achieve net zero.

During the Bitesize BIM sessions, Steve Faulkner will explain how to use buildings as material banks, designing for deconstruction and implementing a ‘smart’ building approach to help monitor energy use and streamlining the transition of data between design, construction, and facilities management.

This first session covers the BIM fundamentals. Faulkner outlines an overview of the factors which are essential to get right during the design phase of a project. If these are done effectively, then correct, carbon, data extraction, digital twins, integration with CAFM etc. will slip into place.

Faulkner says: “There’s one message that I’d like you to take away today… If you’ve not had the right discussions and set up the right processes at the beginning of a project, do not assume that the outcomes at handover will deliver what was expected.”

The next session will delve into smart buildings and requesting the right data.


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