One of the most reliable ways  for businesses to break the BIM barrier is to buy-in BIM expertise and services. Trimble MEP outlines how.

More than a month on from April’s BIM mandate for all publically procured projects, and the 2016 NBS National BIM Survey has revealed that the construction industry is not yet ready to embrace collaborative working.

Despite showing an increase in the number of businesses who have adopted BIM, and highlighting almost universal awareness among professionals (96%), just 10% of more than 1000 respondents confidently stated they were ‘BIM ready’.

Encouragingly, almost three quarters of those who took part in the survey said they saw BIM as the future of industry project information, and 63% agreed that BIM would deliver the target of reducing initial construction costs and whole life-cycle expenditure for built assets. Of those respondents already using BIM, an impressive 64% felt it had given them a competitive advantage and 70% said they anticipated a significant increase in client demand. However, more than a quarter felt they currently lacked sufficient skills and knowledge, describing themselves as ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ confident in all things BIM.

Leaping the hurdles

One of the quickest, most reliable, and fail-safe ways for businesses to break the BIM barrier is to buy-in BIM expertise and services. In ensuring firms are fully equipped at each and every stage of each BIM project journey, acquiring third party services means no contract is ever unwinnable. Whether your operation is small, medium or large, outsourcing is also exceptionally cost effective. In allowing companies to bid for bigger and more profitable contracts ROI is exceptionally rapid.

For businesses with no existing BIM capability, buying-in means they’re not among the 55% of NBS survey respondents who expressed concerns about being left behind in the evolving construction market. For those with an existing but modest team of BIM practitioners in-house, purchasing add-ons as needed means winning larger and more lucrative projects is no problem.

Whether you’re looking for a 3D model evaluation service, 3D modelling services, 3D laser scanning services or 3D modelling from Point Cloud service, you will benefit from the trust and expertise to be expected of a leading firm in the global MEP Services market.

Mission, vision, realisation

Our mission is to help MEP contractors maximise efficiencies and reap additional profits through the provision of fast and seamless integrated construction services solutions. Trimble’s reputation for reliability, expertise, and specific MEP sector knowledge means our services are attuned to your precise and individual needs.

In addition to putting you ahead of the game in terms of BIM capabilities, buying in Trimble MEP services enables you to make savings just where you need them throughout every stage of the process.

To find out more, click here or call our team to find out how we can work with you to ensure rapid ROI and seamless simplicity to your next project.


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