Information Protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2


BSI, the Centre for Digital Built Britain, the UK BIM Alliance and the Construction Industry Council has released the Information Protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 the delivery phase

The Information Protocol has been created as part of the BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018 requirements and provides an example of what could be included in an Information Protocol to be used when confirming to BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018 for construction projects and their appointments.

Co-author of the Information Protocol, May Winfield, commented: “The BS EN ISO 19650 is a game-changer in seeking to progress, and comprehensively align, BIM and information management practices across the industry, and worldwide.

“We hope the industry will find this a helpful document in their journey to incorporate BS EN ISO 19650 into their projects in a clear and risk-managed way.”

Development of BIM

Co-author Simon Lewis, said: “The publication of the Information Protocol marks another step in the development of BIM as an international standard and puts in place what the authors hope will be a useful and accessible resource to help parties structure clear and workable contracts.

“I have very much enjoyed working with May and Andrew on what has been a lengthy but never less than exciting and interesting project. “

Co-author Andrew Croft, said: “The Information Protocol will support the implementation of BS EN ISO 19650, a key standard for the adoption of BIM, alongside other important guidance published by the UK BIM Framework.

“We would encourage the legal and construction industry to familiarise themselves with the Information Protocol and make appropriate use of the Information Protocol in all contracts to which BS EN ISO 19650 applies.”

Dale Sinclair, director of the Construction Industry Council, added: “The Information Protocol cements the work of everyone involved in developing the UK BIM Framework in recent years.

“It is great to see international colleagues and clients referencing BS EN ISO 19650 which is taking the UK’s proven practices global.”

You can access the Information Protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 here.


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