BuilderStorm solution boosts productivity at Bellway Homes


Construction project management software, BuilderStorm offers user-friendly, cloud-based system and RFI solution for Bellway Homes, its subcontractors and designers

Who are Bellway Homes?

Bellway Homes employs more than 2,000 people across 19 regional divisions in England, Scotland and Wales, and supports thousands of sub-contractors. Bellway has been awarded 5-star status by the Home Builders Federation, confirming the developer’s position as one of the country’s top house builders.

What is the BuilderStorm solution?

Bellway required a single platform for all divisions to use when issuing drawings and RFI’s. Their IT team wanted to standardise the process, so each division was on the same page, essentially improving productivity and information flow.

How did we help Bellway Homes?

BuilderStorm is a user-friendly, cloud-based construction project management software system, which offers an excellent drawing and RFI solution for Bellway, its sub-contractors and designers. Our drawing solution manages revision control, audit history and drawing approvals, so it is ideal for Bellway’s requirements.

The RFI system timestamps every action and shows the status of any given project in a colour-coded view, providing instant feedback on the state of the RFIs. Bellway will also be taking advantage of our other 20+ features as it progresses with the system over the coming months.

Why Bellway chose BuilderStorm?

The key feature was the usability of the software: having a system in place that anyone could use with minimal training was a huge advantage. Bellway also liked the fact that BuilderStorm does not have a limit as to the number of possible users or projects; the company can invite sub-contractors and designers to use a truly cloud-based platform and not worry about increasing costs. Our support has been instrumental in bringing Bellway’s divisions up to speed so the whole group can benefit from the investment.

“BuilderStorm offered a robust, easy-to-use solution that ticked all the boxes. We looked at many other solutions, but BuilderStorm suited our requirements, at a competitive price point.”

– IT director, Sean Lally. 


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