The Building Innovation Awards will celebrate the pioneering individuals, organisations and projects that are embracing emerging technologies and digital transformation to take UK construction to the next level

Construction is the engine room of the economy, contributing £110bn to GDP every year. Yet there is a longstanding perception that as an industry it is relatively slow, even sometimes reluctant, to innovate and adopt emerging technologies, techniques and materials.

But there is a significant – and growing – number of individuals, companies and projects that are breaking out of that mould, embracing the cutting-edge and pushing forward the digital transformation of how we design, build and operate our buildings.

The Building Innovation Awards, launching at Futurebuild on 5-7 March, aim to celebrate the pioneers who are not only challenging convention but also proving that doing so can deliver better quality, greater efficiency and a healthier bottom line.

The awards, which will take place on 23 October at The Midland Hotel in Manchester, are the brainchild of Joe Broun of UK Business Events, the company behind the already successful Inspire Summit celebrating diversity and inclusion in construction.

He sees innovation as increasingly important to both the future health of the industry and the wider economy.

“I don’t think many would question the fact that we are experiencing the dawn of a fourth Industrial Revolution and living in a digital age where emerging technologies are transforming the way we live and work,” Broun tells BIM Today.

“The UK has an enviable reputation as a global leader when it comes to innovation and, as we enter an almost unprecedented international political climate, the importance of shouting about our most innovative people, companies and technologies has never been greater.”

While construction may seem to many to rely on age-old ways of doing things, Broun believes that some of the most exciting and groundbreaking innovations in the world in fields such as building design, health and safety, supply chain management and training are happening right here, right now in the UK.

From new products and materials reshaping what is possible to the contractors and manufacturers adopting new ways of working through to the outstanding projects already changing the landscape, the Building Innovation Awards will highlight the technologies and techniques boosting productivity and profits but also delivering greener, smarter and safer buildings.

“The construction sector is seen as one of the final frontiers,” Broun says.

“It’s an industry steeped in tradition but one that has seen some of the biggest benefits from digital transformation, not just in improving efficiency and safety, as well as bringing cost savings, but in terms of a significant impact on the way we all live.

“The Building Innovation Awards recognises the products, services, projects and people that are transforming the UK construction industry, driving the industry forward and setting a new precedent in the technological age.”

The launch at Futurebuild, which is also sponsoring the event, will see the Building Innovation Awards open calls for nominations across 20-plus categories covering all aspects of construction.

In addition to categories recognising innovative companies, projects, technologies and materials, the Building Innovation Awards will recognise a Young Innovator and Innovation Champion.

A panel of expert judges will review the nominations before the winners are announced at a black-tie dinner at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 23 October.

The categories open for entries are:

  • Most Innovative DeveloperBuilding innovation awards, digital transformation, construction,
  • Most Innovative Contractor
  • Most Innovative Consultancy
  • Most Innovative Supplier
  • Most Innovative Training Provider
  • Best Technology Partner
  • Most Innovative Housing Project
  • Most Innovative Infrastructure Project
  • Most Innovative Commercial Project
  • Most Innovative Public Sector Project
  • Most Innovative Energy Project
  • Most Innovative Restoration/ Refurbishment Project
  • Best Materials Innovation
  • Best Health & Safety Innovation
  • Best Training & Skills Innovation
  • Best Asset Management Innovation
  • Best Offsite/Modular Innovation
  • Best Planning Innovation
  • Best Recruitment Innovation
  • Most Innovative Supply Chain Management
  • Most Innovative Site Management
  • Most Innovative Tender Management
  • Best Use of Emerging Technology
  • Best Use of BIM
  • Most innovative New Product
  • Best Digital Transformation
  • Young Innovator 2019
  • Innovation Champion 2019

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