PBC Today is counting down to the first-ever Building Innovation Awards, to be held on 23 October at The Midland, Manchester, with a preview of each of the award categories

We kick things off with Best Asset Management Innovation.

Digitalisation is already shaping the built environment and the potential application of technologies such as BIM, AI, the Internet of Things and robotic automation go far beyond the design and build stage to the long-term management of the asset.

This category showcases the technologies built with that asset lifecycle in mind, that harness data to provide increased value, improved productivity and ultimately better outcomes.

The nominees for Best Asset Management Innovation are:

Ardent Hire Solutions

Comprising a live online portal, instant safety and risk alerts, and intelligent data analytics, Site Manager enables construction companies to take ownership of their plant hire assets resulting in a massive reduction to human and equipment risk, and operating costs, as well as increasing productivity. Ardent’s Site Manager empowers construction sites to better manage their assets.


GeoPal is a customisable Field Operations Management (FOM) Solution that connects field workers, remote assets and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, leveraging field data to gain real-time, actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of a business.

London & Quadrant Housing Trust

L&Q’s Connected Places Project has brought together innovative use of connectivity products with new ways of working to tackle a number of challenges presented by managing a large housing portfolio, to deliver improvements to repairs turnarounds, resident satisfaction and quality of life.


PlanRadar is an award-winning solution for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects, used for construction documentation, task and defect management, reporting, valuation, audits, inspections, approvals, due diligence and certifications.


Skanska, in collaboration with Building Research Establishment and a consortium of specialist SME partners, has developed a low-cost, intelligent Condition Based Maintenance solution specifically for building assets. The REAM solution, consisting of innovative hardware and software, which can learn asset behaviour (using Artificial Intelligence) and create dynamic abnormality detection and reporting (via 4G and/or LoRa communication protocols), has been successfully trialled at several sites to optimise asset management decision-making.

The Compliance Workbook

The Compliance Workbook believes in moving away from what has been possible in the past, to what is possible now. Advancing technology to find alternative routes that are both efficient and, most importantly, improve safety. They have revolutionised asset and compliance management, not only extracting data and verifying certificates but by comprehending the compliance implications of the data. Releasing insight into organisations enables them to predict future events and make proactive risk-reducing decisions.

View the entry for The Compliance Workbook here.


The winner of the Best Asset Management Innovation award will be announced on 23 October at The Midland, Manchester.


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