coBuilder reaffirming a strong foothold in the Nordic region


coBuilder is further strengthening its presence in the Nordic region by entering the construction market in Finland as of January 2017

In order to better meet the massively increasing interest towards coBuilder’s tools and services, coBuilder announced the establishment of a Helsinki-based sales and marketing support entity in Finland.

With two new markets entered and three prestigious awards won, as well as important strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Skanska, Knauf Insulation and Wienerberger signed off, all within a year, coBuilder’s successful endeavours are now to be directed towards another important Nordic market – Finland.

A cooperative approach towards the Finnish construction industry

“Being present and working closely with the Finnish construction industry players ensures the integration of the local market needs and regulatory requirements into the company’s general digitalisation strategy,” explained Pekka Riikonen, who will head up the newly established entity in Finland.

coBuilder’s solutions in Finland for manufacturers and contractors

coBuilder’s award winning BIM data platforms – goBIM for construction product manufacturers and ProductXchange for contractors – will be available in Finland from the 1st January 2017.

“With coBuilder’s solutions, every construction product manufacturer and every contracting company in Finland will have a cost-effective way to become early BIM adopters and implement the collaborative approach to working with standard-based, structured digital data in their processes,”added Lars Chr. Fredenlund, CEO of coBuilder.

“Finland has definitely been a BIM pioneer and holds a firm position as one of the leading countries in implementing openBIM standards. However, the industry still has not fully benefited from this digital transformation. We believe there is a great potential and need for solutions like goBIM and ProductXchange in Finland too.”


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