[VIDEO] Collaboration corner: Coordination and Soft Landings


In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto returns to London to talk to AEC experts about real BIM projects, the challenges and discusses how Revizto’s integrated collaboration software is helping overcome coordination headache

This episode of collaboration corner begins with Revizto’s director, Rhys Lewis heading into London to meet with the company’s clients.

‘Keeping BIM together’

Lewis firstly meets with Lewis Wenman, lead BIM manager at Bouygues UK. He asks Lewis what life was like before he started using Revizto and the challenges he faced.

Wenman said: “Trying to put all of the coordination issues together in one place was a bit of nightmare. We found Revizto 3-4 years ago, we were an early adopter of this, and immediately implemented it on one of the largest construction projects in the UK.

“It was quickly picked up by the project team and the design team and we were able to keep all of our drawings and models in one place.

“Life has become much better since Revizto.”

Wenman goes on to say he’s saved not only time, but also personnel on projects, and is able to increase the quality of work thanks for Revizto’s integrated collaboration platform.

Bridging the 2D-3D gap

Later on, Rhys Lewis catches up with Connor Hyde, BIM manager at ARC:BIM, who has been using Revizto for three years now.

Hyde describes how Revizto helped bridge the gap between those who are used to looking at, and working with, 2D elements and those who are more familiar with 3D.

He later goes on to look at a project which has used the integrated collaboration software. Hyde said: “One of the best features at the start of this project, was the ability to overlay the 2D and 3D information. This gave everyone a better understanding of the project.”


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