The BIM Show Live 2017 brought together numerous experts and delegate to deliver a sell out event on digital construction

The BIM Show Live 2017 has been heralded a success, as it saw 400 visitors pass through its doors during the two day event.

Held on 1-2 February in Newcastle, the event saw digital construction enthusiasts travel from across the world to participate in the show.

Create opportunities

The event was led by Chairs David Philp, Global BIM/IM Consultancy Director at AECOM & Chair of the Scottish BIM Delivery Group (Day 1) and Simon Rawlinson, Head of Strategic Research and Insight at Arcadis (Day2).

Show co-founder, CEO of Space Group Rob Charton commented: “At Space Group we wanted to create a show that not only produced a knowledge exchange and learning platform for digital construction, but to put on a show to remember and we certainly achieved both.

“Since we first began in 2011 we have maintained the philosophy that we are doing this for our colleagues and peers to create opportunities and secure the future of construction.

“The seminar sessions were packed out, and left standing room only.  The enthusiasm from speakers and delegates was infectious.”

Insight into digital construction

The five keynote speakers at the show provided a different insight into digital construction, examining the role of innovators and developers, and how they interact with clients and end users.

Among the speakers was Mark Shayler, Founder and Director of Ape. He encouraged delegates to use digital construction to transform how we live and work.

James Pellatt, Head of Projects from Great Portland Estates (GPE) outlined what clients need and expect from BIM providers. He said it was important not to focus just on data, but an imbedded understanding of how to translate BIM into a commercial entity.

Stuart Maggs, Founder of Scaled Robotics discussed robotics and highlighted the advances which have taken place in this sector in the past few years.

Meanwhile, Nell Watson (engineer, future orientated thinker and Faculty Member of the Singularity University) talked about the capabilities of artificial intelligence and how machines operate in a very similar way to the human brain.

The final keynote speaker was Senior Projects Director for Argent Peter Runacres. He outlined some of the projects his firm had worked on, in particular the retail and office space redevelopment at Kings Cross.

The event focused on four content streams: Data, Stories, Next Generation and Strategy, which were of interest to both veterans in digital construction as well as novices.

Delegates from around the world

Catherine Walker, Inward Investment Director at Invest Newcastle (a service delivered by NewcastleGateshead Initiative on behalf of Newcastle to attract and secure new investment and jobs for the city), said: “It was brilliant to see businesses from around the world come to Newcastle for BIM Show Live and experience the local expertise we have here in the city.

“Newcastle is positioned as a centre of excellence for digital construction – driven by a strong academic base of leading universities serving the sector and a competitive architectural market.

“As part of the show we hosted nine European delegates where we promoted the market opportunities and benefits of locating within the UK’s leading city for BIM. The visit was very successful and we are continuing to follow up with the businesses interested in locating here which will in turn help to drive sector and job growth.”

The future

Next year is already in planning stage, and the organisers of the BIM Live Show hope to continue to bring digital construction to the forefront of the sector.

Charton said: “We are already planning for next year, we see this as a long-term commitment and our aim is to help drive a digital revolution to ensure the construction industry achieves another fantastic five years.”


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