D-COM consultation to research digitalisation of regulations


A consultation led by the Digital Compliance Network (D-COM) which is funded by the Centre for Digital Built Britain is currently researching the State of the Nation on the digitalisation of regulations and standards. The objective is then to establish ways forward in starting to define how automation could assist in the checking and compliance of regulations in the future

The entire lifecycle of the built environment is governed by a variety of regulations and requirements. The checking of compliance against these requirements is a complex task, which is currently performed on a manual basis thus is highly resource intensive. Therefore, the digitalisation of requirements/regulations and the development of (semi) automated compliance checking systems is seen as an important area of study.

So far there has been no meaningful adoption of either the digitisation of regulations/requirements or compliance systems but, the increasing maturity of information models and adoption of BIM means compliance checking is now becoming feasible.

The D-COM Network is bringing together academic and industrial participants to work in this area; (a) assessing the current state of the art, gathering industry views and requirements and defining, together with industrial and policy-making stakeholders, the future pathways for development.

The objective of the DCOM consultation is to understand the present capabilities, shortfalls and efficacy of compliance systems along with the current attitudes and industry readiness for the digitisation of regulations and compliance checking.

Additionally, the consultation will attempt to elicit the opportunities and blockers in the development of these technologies. This will be used to establish transparent pathways between stakeholders in starting to define how automation could assist in the auditing, checking and compliance of regulations in the future.

You can answer this short survey to have your say: https://cardiff.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/dcom

The findings will be published in a report and there will be an opportunity for those who contributed to the study to participate in the D-COM consultation event later in the year.


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