Global consultancy firm RPS awarded BRE BIM certification


RPS has become the latest business to gain accreditation from BRE Global for becoming BIM Level 2 compliant…

Built environment consultancy firm RPS is the latest business to gain accreditation from BRE Global. The firm, which employs over 5,000 people across the world, joins a number of organisation to gain BIM Level 2 compliance ahead of the April deadline for UK public sector schemes.

The scheme from BRE is designed to identify firms that are compliant with the PAS 91-2013 section 4.2. This means organisations are not required to provide evidence of competence each time a tender is undertaken.

The certification was awarded to the RPS for its Galway office, which focuses predominately on infrastructure. It has a number of active UK projects, including the A9 dualling project in Scotland. Certification will now be rolled out across its other major offices.

Mark Costello, director of BIM at RPS, said: “The driver for investing in BIM was to gain work in the UK.

“One of the first things our new managing director did when he took over in 2012 was to produce a four-year strategy for the company.

“This identified opportunities in the UK as a key focus of the business. Being able to work in a BIM environment was a requirement that would make us competitive.”

To gain a BIM Level 2 accreditation, firms must complete an online application before going through a desktop assessment. This ensures companies can provide evidence they have policies and procedures in place to deliver BIM Level 2. Finally, an onsite audit is carried out to confirm compliance.

Costello said: “Without certification people can say what they want about their capabilities. Many clients may not have the capabilities to check compliance and if they do this takes time.

“Having an independent body that says you have all the correct systems in place gives the client assurance that a company can deliver projects with BIM.”


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