Graitec acquires EDM solutions specialist Opentree


Graitec, an international BIM, fabrication and design software developer for AEC has announced the acquisition of UK based company Opentree

Opentree provides EDM solutions for the management of the entire document lifecycle of projects, and conforms to BIM standards and BS1192 workflows.

At a time when there is increasing industry complexity especially around BIM projects and delivery, the need to effectively manage internal W.I.P (Work in progress) project documentation from the outset is becoming increasingly important across all AEC sectors.

Practices and businesses with a further requirement to publish project data externally to a hosted environment are then often faced with the challenge of interfacing with multiple CDE (Common Data Environment) vendors, as the choice for construction and manufacturing professionals is vast.

However, Opentree allows the user to effectively manage all of their internal documentation and model information locally throughout the project lifecycle and then publish to the CDE of their (or the principal contractors) choice as and when a particular project dictates.

Francis Guillemard, Graitec president said: “With Graitec’s recent acquisitions, coupled to the fact that we are an extremely large Autodesk partner, and a software developer in the BIM area. Our solutions in the BIM arena generate many ’000,000’s of models, documents and ancillary information, this acquisition will be pivotal in helping our customers with the day to day management of their project documentation from initial conception and tender, through to project delivery!”

Andrew Frank, Opentree managing director added: “By joining Opentree and Graitec, our customers will further benefit from being owned by a company with a long history in design & collaboration, who have the skills and expertise to push Opentree even further into the market of W.I.P management, We see this a key strategy for all customers to manage this process better than they do today.”

Graitec will now offer data management and W.I.P management to all its customers who have been trying to solve the problem by various means for a long time.


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