Improving productivity and efficiency with Graitec Opentree


Five reasons why you need to consider Opentree for drawing control and document management

Here at Graitec, we understand the many and complex digital transformation challenges facing the AEC industry. The requirements to access and collaborate on digital content have never been more essential than now.

Inefficient processes equate to many lost productive hours each week. Updating and replacing outdated processes (that are prone to human error) with compliant and collaborative workflows is essential to the success of driving digital transformation; Graitec Opentree solves this challenge.

So, here are five reasons why your business needs to consider Opentree for drawing and document control:

  1. Graitec Opentree is a BIM Level 2-compliant software solution, developed to meet the demanding document control processes for Revit and AutoCAD drawings, project files and associated documents to UK and international ISO 19650 standards.
  2. Graitec Opentree ensures that only the latest approved document templates are used automatically for every project.
  3. File naming, status codes and revisions are fully automated throughout every stage of the document’s lifecycle.
  4. Document control is effortless via clear and concise in-depth auditing functions within Graitec Opentree.
  5. Seamless upload of drawings and documents, for collaboration, to your preferred common data environment (CDE) such as Autodesk BIM360, SharePoint, Asite, Aconex, Business Collaborator or Viewpoint

Used extensively by architects, engineers and document controllers, Graitec Opentree is proven to improve productivity and efficiency, allowing the managing of templates, automating file naming, adding searchable meta-data, facilitating revision/ version control and the approval process via a simple and familiar interface.

Find out how Graitec Opentree will de-risk your drawing and document management. Allowing incremental time to be spent delivering value to your customers. Ensuring your professional reputation to your clients is enhanced with automated, compliant, collaborative drawing and document workflows.




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