Faro launches Freestyle 2 handheld scanner for construction

Handheld Scanner for Construction

3D measurement technology specialist, Faro Technologies has released its latest 3D data capture device, Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner for Construction

The Freestyle 2 handheld scanner is a fast, portable, and targeted 3D data capture device which can scan even the tightest spaces more easily than ever.

As-built documentation of tight spaces, such as mechanical rooms, interstitial spaces, or above ceilings, can be challenging with tripod scanners. Often, there is not enough space to set up a tripod or enough room to scan the equipment from different locations.

Moreover, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems are often intertwined, making it challenging to get a comprehensive picture using a tripod scanner.

Additionally, pipes and ducts can obstruct other systems creating shadows in the point cloud resulting in incomplete data.

For the construction industry, accurate dimensions and locations are needed when coordinating with scope done earlier in the project, such as underground stub-ups, water utility tie-ins or duct riser penetrations, to ease the handoff between contractors.

The new Freestyle 2 handheld scanner addresses these and other common challenges. Whether being used standalone or combined with a FARO® Focus Laser Scanner, the Freestyle 2 gives contractors a new way to capture accurate 3D point clouds of their projects for planning, verification, and handover needs.

Freestyle 2 can be used for:

  • Compact – For use in tight areas or confined spaces where a tripod scanner cannot go
  • Faster – To capture colour scans of targeted areas or objects in as little as one-third of the time than with tripod scanning
  • More complete data – To walk around equipment or reach around objects to capture more detail
  • Real-time visualisation – Live display of the in-process scan ensuring all necessary data is captured
  • Ideal companion – Users can combine targeted scans with large area scans from a FARO Focus to create the most detailed and comprehensive point cloud of their projects.

“We are very excited to offer the Freestyle 2 handheld scanner for the construction industry,” said Matthias Koksch, global director AEC, product marketing at FARO.

“We believe this is the most versatile, portable and easy-to-use 3D data capture tool in the market today and will significantly improve contractors’ productivity and efficiency through improved documentation and understanding of their projects.”

You can access more information on the Freestyle 2 here.


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