Increasing number of workers utilise BIM


According to a new poll  an increasing number of workers are using building information modelling as part of the construction process…

A survey conducted by Building magazine showed the amount of people who used building information modelling (BIM) increased from 52 per cent in 2014 to 66 per cent this year. The survey was sent to 190 people based in the construction sector. Among this number were contractors, architects, and engineers.

BIM is increasingly becoming a major component of the building industry. It offers construction projects significant benefits and as such has been embraced by larger firms. It utilises all the latest technology to create virtual models of projects, which can be shared with stakeholders and contractors wherever they may be located. It is steadily becoming a vital part of the construction projects globally.

As the UK moves towards fully embracing BIM, it is increasingly important the construction sector keeps pace, which the survey suggests is occurring. Around 32 per cent of respondents reported they had implemented BIM Level 2, which is good news as this is soon to be a requirement for all public-based projects after April 2016. This figure rose by one per cent compared to last year, but it still has a way to go.

The government’s delivery director for BIM Level 2 Terry Stocks told Building: “All the departments have got a desire to make BIM Level 2 work. Where we are now is incredible really.

“Over the past three years we have made such massive leaps forward.”

Additionally, the survey revealed the attitude towards BIM was generally positive, with 52 per cent of those questioned stating they did not think the advantages of the technology was overhyped.


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