Intuitive mobile digital solutions play a vital part in digital transformation

mobile digital solutions

Intuitivity, mobility and digital transformation are critical dimensions of our world today

In an interview, Benoît Jeannin, Script&Go’s founder and CEO, calls for deeper consideration of the need for digital transformation.

Why is it important to enable digital transformation?

It’s important to facilitate digital transformation throughout a project lifecycle for a variety of reasons:

Firstly, digital transformation can improve productivity, particularly labour productivity. It adds value and saves time on a daily basis. Digital transformation should be the first stage in any organisation’s journey to a new way of productive working, fusing business and IT perspectives, through use of disruptive IT technologies for successful business outcomes.

Secondly, digital transformation can improve sustainability. It reduces not only the amount of paper used during daily work processes (and so reducing CO2 emissions) but may also contribute to reducing travel times between, say, an office and a construction site.

Thirdly, digital transformation can improve wellbeing. It relieves the stress (and its negative impact on health) of performing often repetitive work processes like task management (such as snagging and non-conformity recording) and reporting for quality control and quality assurance purposes through the conversion of tedious, manual processes to digital, and even automated ones.

Who can benefit from mobile digital solutions?

In our 2017 Construction Works Observatory, Script&Go presented the results and analysis of a survey of 300 clients using our BatiScript construction management solution. This revealed that the majority who had taken steps to specify this solution as part of their digital transformation were construction managers, followed by developer-owners and lead consultants (architects, engineers). All these stakeholders, and others, can benefit from mobile digital solutions.

What can intuitive mobile digital solutions offer to construction stakeholders?

Stakeholder profiles, whether in the field or in the office, can differ widely. Logic dictates that software functionalities should respond to the habits and gestures of each user profile in order to give successful user experience.

To ease construction stakeholders in their daily operations, a number of software developers such as ourselves have developed construction management software and mobile applications that allow processes to be digitised. All of these aim, with differing levels of success, to meet user needs and achieve the benefits already mentioned and more.

Mobile digital solutions, deployable on tablets and smartphones, go a step further than solely PC-based digital solutions. They allow workers to collaborate seamlessly, including in real-time, for enhanced productivity gains. Those solutions that succeed in enabling rapid, yet comprehensive, digital transformation, are often modular in format, intuitive and easy-to-use.

At Script&Go, we take pride in enabling the successful digital transformation of our clients’ operations through their use of our solutions, such as BatiScript and our mission of care.

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