IrisVR connects virtual reality to construction industry through first ever Navisworks integration


IrisVR, the leading immersive design review and collaboration software for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries has announced a new native Beta integration between Prospect and Autodesk Navisworks as part of their latest release

The first Navisworks plugin built for VR, hopes to deliver an immersive experience which provides:

  • Real time performance
  • Low latency
  • Locomotion best practices
  • Access to BIM metadata
  • Experiences running at 90FPS

The new Navisworks beta integration will let construction and engineering teams quickly launch 3D models in VR, meaning faster, more efficient model reviews.

This new approach could save the construction industry thousands of pounds and could help to avoid project delays.

Despite the fact that Prospect users have been exporting FBX files from Navisworks and importing them into Prospect for months, the workflow required extra steps that the IrisVR team wanted to eliminate and streamline.

Through the technology, engineering and construction firms can integrate their 3D models into VR more easily.

IrisVR Co-founder and CEO, Shane Scranton said: “While the architecture community and some construction firms have been early adopters of VR, the Navisworks plugin now enables construction teams to perform design review, QA/QC, and coordination in 1:1 scale, taking out the ambiguity of 2D coordination and driving much clearer communication.”

The first beta release supports a basic geometry and file structure export that will allow you to select individual elements in VR.

IrisVR is already working to expand these capabilities to provide support for full BIM data, advanced clash detection, project timeline tools, and more.

Commenting on the launch, IrisVR Co-founder and CTO, Nate Beatty said: “Over the next few months the IrisVR team will continue investing in the development of this integration, focusing on improving the efficiency and expanding the capabilities.

“We strive to make VR model reviews and project planning as intuitive, efficient, and productive as possible – and we will do our best to deliver on that promise.”

The new Prospect release also includes other features beyond the Navisworks integration that enhance design review workflows for AEC professionals. A new feature will allow users to hide or unhide any selected element which provides greater visibility into the inner workings of a building. Improved teleportation with a door fade feature, section capping, and Multiuser Meeting host controls are also included in this launch.


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