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JCT has been at the forefront of providing contract options for the construction industry to enable the adoption and integration of BIM into construction projects

Following the launch of our current (2016) edition of contracts, where we took specific steps in respect of the integration of BIM, we have continued to make the uptake of BIM easier via the contract process through the publication of our guidance for practitioners, BIM and JCT Contracts, and through our increasing range of digital options.

Matters relating to BIM and JCT contract issues are handled by the JCT BIM Working Group. The BIM Working Group comprises JCT members – professionals from across all sectors of the industry – alongside specially co-opted BIM experts, who consider the developments in BIM and related technologies or practices, their impact on legislation or contract issues more broadly, and make recommendations to the JCT Council, which results in either changes to the contract suite itself, or separately published guidance.

The publication of the JCT 2016 Edition of contracts was an opportunity to look specifically at the integration of BIM into the JCT suite. We included the provisions from our Public Sector Supplement 2011, which enabled the incorporation of a BIM protocol into the contract documents – providing relevant clauses and updates in respect of the impact of the BIM protocol on parties’ obligations and design responsibility. We followed this with the publication of our first practice note, Building Information Modelling (BIM): Integrated & Collaborative Team Working, to provide information and assist practitioners with achieving BIM Level 2.

In 2019 we published our latest BIM practice note, BIM & JCT Contracts. The aim of BIM & JCT Contracts is to further the understanding of BIM related legal and contractual issues and suggest ways of approaching such issues in a collaborative and constructive way. It provides practical, clear guidance to project participants and their professional advisers, focusing on the use of BIM with the JCT Design & Build Contract (DB), as the most popular form of contract on projects employing BIM. The practice note is available in both hardcopy and as a JCT On Demand digital document.

You can find out more about our work on BIM and access any of our current resources by visiting the JCT corporate website: https://corporate.jctltd.co.uk/initiatives/bim/.

Integration of BIM using JCT contracts

The adoption of BIM on projects using JCT contracts is now being made even easier for those responsible for drafting with the launch of our digital services, JCT On Demand and JCT Construct. The JCT online store currently has a range of contracts, guides and other documents available via the JCT On Demand service, including our latest BIM practice note, BIM and JCT Contracts. The Q&A system that the JCT On Demand service adopts not only ensures that contracts are completed comprehensively, but that where provisions relating to BIM apply, these are accurately detailed within the contract. An automatically generated comparison document provides both peace of mind and transparency for all parties, assisting with collaborative working.

Launching soon is the JCT Construct service. JCT Construct offers a much deeper level of functionality, including advanced editing features and guest sharing. In terms of integrating BIM, the JCT Construct service enables parties to incorporate a completely bespoke set of BIM arrangements, as well as any other amendments, seamlessly into their JCT contract of choice. Guest sharing makes collaborative working much easier and more cohesive, and the ability to produce comparisons against the baseline JCT text and any drafts ensures transparency across the drafting process. The below summarises and provides more detail about JCT’s latest digital services.

JCT On Demand

JCT On Demand is the digital equivalent of the JCT hard copy contract. Purchase a JCT On Demand version of your contract of choice via our store and get instant online access. Fill in your contract in a safe, secure, online environment using an intuitive Q&A process to enable you to fill out your contract comprehensively.

JCT On Demand is ideal for those who want instant access to their JCT contract, to be guided through each section to make sure it is completed comprehensively, but are not looking to make bespoke changes or amend the contract text. The system also enables you to save and print drafts, print out a professional plain copy for signing, and generate a comparison document showing your changes against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract at all times.

Learn more about JCT On Demand in the video.

With JCT On Demand you can:

  • Complete your contract using an intuitive Q&A process, which makes filling in the contracts easy and makes sure you cover all the key areas. Questions change depending on the answers you give, so you only complete what is relevant to you.
  • Use the split Q&A and preview screen – see your answers update the contract in real time as you progress.
  • Use improved design features, such as easy to access document actions, interactive progress bar and an easy-to-navigate folder structure to help make finding and progressing through your contracts a breeze.
  • Print DRAFT watermarked copies as you work to review your contract.
  • View and print comparison documents showing your changes against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency.
  • Finalise and print – when you want to finalise your contract the draft watermark is removed and you can print your copies.

What products are available on JCT On Demand?

When clicking on the products below, make sure you select the JCT On Demand option from the Format box on the product page to purchase the correct version.

Note: JCT On Demand contracts include the CDM Regulations 2015 amendments.

JCT Construct

Coming soon…

JCT Construct is a subscription-based contract drafting system with advanced editing features, enabling you to create and amend your JCT contracts in a secure, flexible, and easy to use online environment.

With JCT Construct’s powerful tools you can edit the JCT contract test itself, adding your own amendments, clauses, or other customised text. This is alongside being able to use the same intuitive Q&A process as JCT On Demand to fill in your contract comprehensively.

The JCT Construct system generates your contract in plain copy as well as a comparison document, making it possible to easily read the contracts and see all the changes from the published JCT text.

Guest sharing supports collaborative working amongst those involved in the contract drafting to share drafts, to edit and to see all the changes. Version-to-version comparison allows you to see any changes between draft versions and against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract at all times.

  • Easy to use, flexible and secure online contract drafting.
  • Edit the contract text, with auto-updating of clause numbers, cross-references in the JCT text, and table of contents.
  • Share drafts with guests.
  • Create boilerplates so you can reuse your standard set of changes.
  • Print draft contracts for review.
  • Print final contracts for signing.
  • Print comparison documents showing all changes against the published JCT text for full transparency.

Learn more about JCT Construct in the video.

JCTConstruct is coming soon! To keep informed make sure you are signed up to the JCT Network.






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