Lloyd’s Register reveal full BIM Level 2 Accreditation process

BIM Level 2 accreditation
Image credit: www.lr.org

Lloyd’s Register has released a presentation detailing the full BIM Level 2 Accreditation process

Presented by Terry Mundy, the UK business development manager for Lloyd’s Register, the presentation runs through the following areas:

  • Overview of Lloyd’s Register group
  • Development of the BIM Level 2 Accreditation process
  • Scope of accreditation
  • Assessment team
  • Scope of assessment
  • Transition to ISO 19650

Terry explains that in 2003, Lloyd’s Register noticed that every organisation handled asset management differently. They also noticed that there were no official standards in place for companies to follow.

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In order to improve asset management, Lloyd’s Register co sponsored and project managed PAS 55 and chaired the transition into it’s now recognised title – ISO 55001.

Following the recession of 2008, lenders were reluctant to lend to non traditional ideas such as offsite construction which, at this point, did not carry the clout it does today.

From there, Lloyd’s Register developed a Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) – which provided lenders with the assurance that offsite construction will last two mortgage terms (60 years).

In doing so, innovative construction methods like offsite construction were allowed to flourish and find their way in the market place.

However, LR realised that there was still a link missing between BOPAS and the ISO 55001 asset management standard.

Explaining the inception of the BIM level 2 Accreditation, Terry said: “We operated two discrete schemes, we operated ISO 55001 and we operated the Buildoffsite Property Assurance scheme, but there was something missing.

“That link was BIM. We recognised that and that enabled us to join the two processes together to provide a much more joined up approach and that was the basis upon which we developed the BIM accreditation.”

Lloyd’s Register is a global risk measurement and safety assurance organisation which employs over 7000 members of staff, has over 45,000 clients worldwide including McDonalds, KIA and Carlsberg and has ran for over 250 years.

The organisation is one of London’s most established organisations and was the first organisation to establish an accreditation for BIM Level 2.


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