LR’s BIM Level 2 accreditation – the LR route to compliance


Lloyd’s Register offers a comprehensive process to assess an organisation’s readiness for BIM Level 2

Lloyd’s Register’s (LR) BIM Level 2 accreditation is unique to the industry – the most comprehensive third-party proof that an organisation is truly BIM Level 2 ready. Our three-part assessment of an organisation’s BIM processes, systems and competencies are not only assessed against the requirements of PAS 1192 and BS 11000, but we’ve introduced another level of risk management through the LR BIM Accreditation Guidance document.

Our assessment can be categorised by three elements:

Gap analysis

This is a high-level assessment that examines the overall status of the BIM processes, systems and competencies against PAS 1192. Like any gap analysis, the objective is to identify weaknesses and report on any major gaps against the standard and scheme principles.

Carried out by our industry partners Excitech, discussions are held with key reports, with the purpose of establishing an overview of the whole system. This identifies areas for improvement which present the highest risk of the organisation not achieving the accreditation.

This style of audit allows the auditees to talk openly about their management system without trying to relate it to the requirements of PAS 1192; that is the job of the assessor. The assessment team promotes challenging discussions around key issues to tease out the important areas for change.

The conclusion of the gap analysis, typically a one-day verbal report is then followed by a detailed written report of the findings (minor, major and prompts). The discussion itself is centred around how to implement improvements on the items identified.

Certification assessment

Once the organisation is happy that they have addressed all major deficiencies and made significant progress on an action plan to close out the minor deficiencies identified, the full assessment can begin.

Drawing on the output from the gap report and progress made, the LR assessment team will look for evidence that the processes are in place addressing all areas of the scheme requirements. This confirms all major issues identified with systems and processes described during the gap analysis have been improved or implemented. Communications is an important area for examination at this stage. All key contributory personnel including subcontractors and consultants need to understand and be fully compliant with the scheme requirements.

Surveillance Visits

Post-accreditation, the organisation will be subject to surveillance visits from the LR assessment team for the duration of the three-year accreditation. The surveillance visit will be carried out at least once a year, with the first one taking place within six months of full accreditation.

An essential part of the accreditation process is to provide assurance that the practices and procedures, against which the accreditation is awarded, are consistently applied and maintained.

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