Lucion Environmental set to reach BIM Level 2


Lucion Environmental has announced it is on its way to becoming Level 2 BIM certified ahead of the government’s target…

National asbestos and risk management firm Lucion Environmental has revealed it has achieved the second stage of the four-stage BIM certification process. The firm said it is confident it will gain full certification by April 2016.

Changes to the rules mean all Whitehall construction contracts will require firms to be BIM Level 2 compliant, irrespective of their size or value. Failure to gain certification will cause contractors to lose out on work.

As part of their strategy, Lucion has developed new technology to link building plans and drawings with data from asbestos surveys and analysis information. Existing building plans are enhanced with 360° panoramic images and icons to locate hazards and safety equipment. These are then linked to web-based NexGen asbestos records.

Specialist technology is under development for facility managers, project managers, and safety managers. This will help them communicate how to tackle asbestos safety risks.

Plans can be created for most buildings and facilities in 2D and in 3D for more complex environments. Laser scanning techniques can also be used to build a model from scratch.

Lucion’s finance director Charles Pickles said: “The race is on to be fully prepared for the legislation coming into force and we’re well on our way to achieving BIM level 2 certification.

“This means that we’re set up to receive and re-purpose BIM data, allowing us to create bespoke visualisations and communicate sites or facilities in a simple, visual and intuitive way.

“Building information models contain the design of a building and all of the data concerning the properties of its components, its construction and ongoing maintenance.

“At Lucion, we have a duty to ensure that clear asbestos information is provided to every person liable to disturb asbestos and BIM provides a quick and efficient way of doing that.

“The construction industry is known for delivering projects late and over budget with the finished assets not quite working as they should.

“Adopting a BIM approach can bring predictability to a project, saving both money and time while minimising environmental impact by cutting out wasteful processes and activities through making more informed decisions at the right time.”


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