MoJ signs up for BIM content library – BIMobject® Hercules

BIM content library
BIM content library

BIMobject announces that the company has signed a contract with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to support the development of the department’s BIM content library using BIMobject® Hercules

Using the BIMobject® Hercules content management system, the MoJ will be able to create content for a library of digital building products through requirement object models. The BIM content library will allow the MoJ to regulate the distribution of content to suppliers and partners in a secure environment, whilst also allowing them to monitor who accesses the content.

BIMobject® Hercules is a cloud-based solution, which means that no proprietary software is required. The BIM content library is managed and accessed simply, using a regular web browser.

It also allows object models and the data associated with those models to be obtained from a single source, which in turn allows specific data requirements – such as the government standard COBie – to be associated to the model. The BIMobject® Hercules will give the MoJ more flexibility as well as the ability to update data as requirements change without having to create new models. Having a ‘single source of truth’ also adds to the security of MoJ BIM content library data.

Matt Watchorn, head of BIM at the MoJ, said: “We are delighted to continue to build upon our client BIM Level 2 capability by taking our MoJ BIM Object Library to the next generation.

“With this development, content management and user-friendly accessibility will be a new digital standard for us. We look forward to the further advances in the assembly and manufacturing space that this development will enable.”

David Jellings, managing director at BIMobject UK, added: “Having supported the UK government’s BIM initiative from its introduction in 2011 and MoJ on various projects since 2013, I am delighted to be working with MoJ in the development of their BIM Level 2 programme and am committed to ensuring that BIMobject do whatever we can to help the programme in the future.”


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