NBS launches annual National BIM Survey


NBS has launched the annual NBS National BIM Survey, marking almost a decade of tracking BIM adoption in the UK

This year’s NBS National BIM Survey is live now and will be open until the end of March.

NBS’s previous 2018 report showed some frustrations around the speed of the adoption of BIM, and its perceived lack of enforcement from Government. However, there was also positives to take from it.

2018 saw the biggest year-on-year growth on BIM usage and awareness since 2014 with other positives including the increasing awareness of Uniclass 2015 that is gaining strong traction across the construction industry with just over a third now using the classification system.

Richard Waterhouse, CEO of NBS, said: “When adopting any new process, technology or system there will always be that period of time needed to adjust, learn and grow and this is the journey we follow with the BIM Report.

“The industry is always improving, but we also see new challenges and problems that require new solutions and there’s no doubt that digital technology is a big part of how we will tackle this in 2019 and beyond.

“The launch of the new ISO 19650 series is evidence that the UK remains the one to watch when it comes to international learnings and approaches to new ways of working.”

You can complete this year’s NBS National BIM Survey by visiting www.thenbs.com/bim-survey-2019.

A pre-release report will be sent to all participants, so those taking part will be among the first to have access to the findings.


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