NBS opens its national BIM survey


The sixth NBS National BIM Survey, which offers a comprehensive insight into BIM, has been launched…

A new survey looking into the use of BIM has been launched by the NBS.

The survey, which is the sixth in a series, is widely regarded as the industry’s most comprehensive look at the use of BIM.

First launched in 2011, the series has closely followed the use of BIM and awareness of the sector within the industry. This year’s survey will coincide with the government mandate to adopt BIM to see how that has been implemented across the sector.

The 2015 survey revealed awareness of BIM was almost universal, reaching 95 per cent. However, adoption figures saw a slight decline from 54 to 48 per cent. The report said this could be because the late majority were late to follow on from the early adopters.

To participate in next year’s survey, visit the NBS National BIM Survey and give your thoughts on how BIM is changing the face of construction.


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