New database launched to support women working in BIM


Women working in BIM will be supported by a new database that aims to support the sector while acting as a learning resource

A new database has been launched by Women in BIM, aimed at supporting women who work in this sector.

Women in BIM was set up in 2013 as a networking group. It draws attention to the low number of women in BIM related roles in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and tech.

Women underrepresented in construction

Currently, women account for under 10 per cent of the UK construction industry’s workforce. Women in BIM says the field is facing a diversity challenge and it is hoped the database will help overcome this.

Part of the database’s objectives will include creating networking hubs for women working in BIM to collaborate and share ideas. It will also offer support and a framework to address diversity issues.

Database aims to create a BIM network for women

Speaking at the launch of Digital Construction Week 2016, Rebecca de Cicco, Chair of Women in BIM, said: “Women who work in the construction industry benefit from the support of their peers. Women in BIM was set up with this aim in mind.

“Our first task is to work out how many women exist in these roles, where they are located and how can we put them in touch with each other. We invite all women working in BIM worldwide to join our network.”

David Philp, head of BIM Implementation in the UK added:  “Fostering a diverse, progressive and highly innovative construction workforce is essential to the future of our sector.

“As an industry we need to attract more than ever the next generation of workers whilst competing against other cutting-edge sectors; we must ensure that generation Y perceive construction as an industry which is technologically advanced and one where diversity is celebrated.

“Moreover being fair to all is simply the right thing to do! Women in BIM are helping champion his undertaking and I look forward to working with them to promoting a better industry for all.”

Women can join the database by filling out the form on this link: 


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