New European BIM library launched


A new library aimed specifically at European MEP professionals has been launched, offering more than one million BIM objects…

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) will benefit from a new building information modelling (BIM) library.

Launched by MagiCloud, it has been developed specifically for European MEP professionals. It boasts a whopping total of more than one million BIM objects. Of these, over 50,000 are listed as free downloads.

The BIM library will help MEP designers by organising all the information into metadata and assigning this to geometric representations of actual product models. This will give a significant advantage to industries such as MEP, as they will not have to create individual models from scratch and find the appropriate information for these models as it will all be located in one place.

MagiCloud was created by MagiCAD’s creator Progman Oy, but the library is not limited to the firm’s software. A series of free plug-ins mean Revit MEP and AutoCAD users can also access the library. Additionally, 3D models and technical information is available in RFA and DXF format, depending on the manufacturer.

The repository will be available globally, and will be useful when BIM becomes mandatory across some European nations.

Operations director at Progman Oy, Jukka Nyman, said: “The new MagiCloud library makes our accurate BIM models accessible to all MEP designers around the world.

“Furthermore, it opens the door for designers to use BIM,” Nyman continued. “It’s critical that designers can adopt a BIM approach where all the key stakeholders in a build can collaborate efficiently and effectively during the design phase.”

Visit MagiCloud for more information on the library.



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