[VIDEO] Revit plugin for interior design – Blocks custom add-in


A Revit plugin for interior designers and architects


Block Revit was founded in 2019, and it is the world’s first subscription club focused on Revit families for interior design. With subscribers in more than 170 countries and releasing 25 new families per week, Blocks was looking for:

  • Adding value to their subscribers by making it easier for them to download their Revit families.
  • An easy way of effectively manage and deliver their library of families to their subscribers.7

Challenges and objectives

Blocks’ main goal is to be the leader of Revit families for interior design by delivering the best quality and user experience.

After analysing their business processes, specifically how they delivered the Revit families to their subscribers, they concluded that using spreadsheets and sending download links every week to their subscribers wasn’t practical and scalable.

From the subscriber perspective, receiving a download link with Revit families wasn’t the best experience like links expired, people often forget where they saved the families, etc.

All these upper mentioned issues led them to look for a bespoke solution.


Develop a custom Revit add-in to effectively manage a library of Revit families in the cloud and deliver the content to their subscribers through a Custom Revit Plugin.

The solution is composed of 3 layers:

  • A web application (database + admin dashboard to upload the Revit families).
  • A Web API to establish secure communication between the server and the Revit Plugin.
  • A Revit Plugin to retrieve the Revit Families as per the users’ subscription level.

Find out more about this custom Revit Add-in.


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