RICS joins UK BIM Alliance affiliation programme


The UK BIM Alliance has announced an affiliation programme with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Recent RICS research has emphasised the pace of technological change that is powering the digitisation of the built environment through blockchain, digital twins and other platforms.

RICS is a credible hub in bridging the gap between the tech sector and the surveying profession. With RICS and the UK BIM Alliance working together we will help realise these shared objectives around the digital transformation of the built environment.

The affiliation programme aims to bring together the professional institutions, trade associations and any other industry organisations to provide a consistent message and coordinated approach to digital transformation, working across silos to a shared objective.

Raising professional standards

Alan Muse, global director of Built Environment at RICS, said: “BIM is evolving to provide complete solutions across the project life cycle and to provide connectivity between buildings and assets.

“RICS operates across land, property and construction and better information management and interoperability is central to raising professional standards in these sectors.

“As such, RICS is very pleased to work with the UK BIM Alliance in furthering the digitalisation agenda across the natural and built environment.

Steve Faulkner, UK BIM Alliance affiliate team, added: “We are pleased to welcome another key institute to our growing list of affiliates who are helping to support the Alliances goal of developing a common understanding and approach to building information management across the UK.

“RICS and its members are fundamental to the success of BIM going forward and we are delighted to have them on board.”

Please contact the UK BIM Alliance to find out more.


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