Ruskin launches free BIM database


Ruskin Air Management has launched an extensive, freely available database on Building Information Modelling for building engineering systems

An extensive library of Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects to support designers, installers, and operators working with building engineering systems has been launched.

The free library has been developed by ventilation, air distribution, and fire and smoke control manufacturer Ruskin Air Management. It will be updated regularly with new product information.

The library already contains data on fire and smoke control dampers that can be used in BIM models, saving clients time and money.

BIM Level 2 was made mandatory for public sector projects in April this year and as a field continues to develop in popularity. It enables everyone involved in a project to use the data contained in BIM models to gain the best performance.

Ruskin’s library includes key data findings, including a product’s physical characteristics, materials, and properties. This should help construction and installation teams identify potential problems before work begins, thus speeding up the process, cutting costs, and ensuring a quality final product.

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