[VIDEO] SCIA AutoConverter: Demonstration


Check out for yourself how easy and time-efficiently you can go from a structural model, regardless of your CAD software, to an analysis model, thanks to SCIA AutoConverter

Gone are the days of time-consumingly entering data twice, running the risk of making errors. Let’s welcome the future.

The SCIA AutoConverter is a true game-changer, effectively allowing engineers to join an OpenBIM process. It’s a unique open application which helps the structural engineer to automatically convert any structural model coming from any CAD model into an analysis model in an OpenBIM workflow. Any uploaded structural model from any CAD system can be converted into a structural analysis model without having to start the model from scratch, using a controlled automated process. Tedious and bothersome tasks are avoided, and structural engineers regain considerable amounts of time to do other work. Thanks to this streamlined collaboration workflow with integrated change management, revisions are easily managed. Adjustments made to the structural model are automatically updated to the related analysis model without the loss of additional analysis data created inside the analysis tool like loads.

SCIA AutoConverter slashes the time spent on projects and greatly minimises the risk of errors, maximises data reuse, saving effort and time of everyone involved, which in turn reduces the final costs. SCIA AutoConverter is a fast, easy-to-use, accurate and reliable solution.

Find out more about SCIA AutoConverter here.


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