SCIA Engineer used for design of Rotterdam’s Terraced Tower

Structural engineering software, Terraced Tower,

Structural engineering software specialist, SCIA Engineer was used for the entire design of the Terraced Tower project in Rotterdam. Find out more here

Client: Besix

Construction End Date: Jan-2021

Software: SCIA Engineer

Country: Netherlands

Terraced Tower is a 110m high building (100m above the ground) located in Rotterdam. Next to 3 floors in the basement, Terraced Tower has 32 floors above the ground used for apartments. The length of the building is decreasing along the height from 100m to 35m while the width is increasing from 20m to 30m.

First, the loads on the walls in the basements are so huge that high concrete grade C90/105 is necessary. Second, the tower is inclined with an 8m cantilever producing important second-order effects. Third, no available space around the construction pit and the need to work under existing pipes lead to difficult construction stages for the basement.

Structural engineering software

SCIA Engineer was used for the entire design of the project. The automatic design of 2D concrete member was useful to quickly design the walls described as the first issue.

For the second issue, the second order coefficients were determined using SCIA’s structural engineering software. For the last problem, the ‘construction stages’ module was used to design each stage.

To conclude, SCIA Engineer allowed for quick design of the reinforcement elements which in turn gave us the possibility to focus on the coordination and the management of the project.

“The use of high concrete grade and the big cantilever makes it even more difficult, but thanks to the intensive use of SCIA Engineer, including construction stages, the realisation of this project was possible.” – Quote of the Jury.

This project is the winner of the SCIA User Contest 2020 – Category 1, Buildings larger than 6,000 m².


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