Siemens and Bentley Systems launch PlantSight digital twin cloud services

cloud service

Siemens and Bentley Systems have unveiled a new cloud service providing as-operated, up-to-date digital twins that synchronise both physical conditions and engineering data

PlantSight, which was unveiled at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure conference, is designed to align operational and project-related engineering data, which can then be accessed by all disciplines and stakeholders.

This will significantly reduce the time and effort involved in collating and completing asset information, while keeping documentation up to date, improving quality.

Greg Bentley, chief executive of Bentley Systms, said: “From the state of Bentley Systems’ strategic alliance with Siemens, we have together seen our development of PlantSight as having perhaps the most significance for our marketplace.

“PlantSight can now realise the process industry’s top priority in ‘going digital’ – the digital twin enablement of their operating plant engineering.”

Klaus Helmrich, a member of Siemens’ management board, added: “This joint solution, based on the complementary knowhow of Bentley and Siemens, represents a key step towards making digital twins even more efficient and creating a digitally integrated value chain, which offers even greater consistency

“In this way, we’re continuously enlarging our Digital Enterprise portfolio by embracing future technologies.”

Valentijn de Leeuw, vice-president of the ARC Advisory Group, said: “I believe that Siemens’ and Bentley’s newly developed PlantSight services will establish a foundation for next-generation asset information and performance management.

“For as-operated digital twins, this augments the actual plant by integrating operational data with operational intelligent dashboards, immersive operator training simulation and links with applications such as process simulation, asset strategy and reliability. The benefits of the environment will increase with the number of microservices provided.”


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