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BIM Object Assurance

Ensuring specifications for BIM objects match the reality is crucial for accurate modelling and achieving the best building performance. Introducing BIM Object Assurance by the BBA

One of the most important advances in the construction industry in recent years is BIM modelling, whereby specifiers and architects can select and use information about products during the early stages of building design.

That’s great, of course, but as is so often the case with new developments, there can be practical difficulties along the way.

Sometimes the important detailed specifications within a BIM object do not match up with product reality. That’s expensive and frustrating for specifiers and architects, especially as the need for quality BIM objects becomes even more crucial with BIM Level 3, where data quality is fundamental in achieving the best building performance through accurate maintenance and facility management information.

Well now there’s some good news. The BBA is introducing a BBA-enabled BIM Object Assurance Scheme to reassure specifiers and modellers that on selecting BIM objects they receive sensible, meaningful and quality information about the manufacturer’s BBA-certified product.

This kind of independent, third-party validation process makes life easier during the BIM model development process.

The BBA has also partnered with bimstore, the leading UK BIM object and components library, to offer a total BIM modelling solution to manufacturers who are BBA Agrément holders.

So now, specifiers can look out for the BBA BIM Object Assurance on BIM objects they are considering, as it will mean that the detailed spec information is quality checked and validated against the manufacturer’s BBA Agrément Certificate.

More information about this welcome new service offer by the BBA can be found at:


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