Structured Product Data for BIM provides many benefits


Product Manager Andy Stolworthy shares SFS’ progress with Structured Product Data for BIM

SFS is fully behind the ethos of BIM and wants to provide Structured Product Data to its customers and specifiers to support the entire specification, selection and replacement process.

We believe that through standardising data, clients and project teams will be able to compare and select products based on value and life cycle costing rather than just price. This should allow for better quality products to be selected, so that life cycle costings reduce. This is obviously a far more sustainable approach to construction and something that fully matches our values at SFS.

BIM Objects or Product Data?

SFS has already carefully considered the value and benefits of creating BIM objects or simply providing structured data for its range of products.

For example, our sister company, QBM, manufactures the SFS Soter Fall Protection System which is specified and installed on the roof as a complete system. 3D BIM objects for this system have a value which is why we have created 18 new BIM models, now available for free download from without having to register.

Authored in REVIT, all standard applications are covered for Trapezoidal roof profiles, Standing Seam and Flat Roof – this model has user configuration on toggle lengths to suit the depth of roof insulation.

QBM’s SFS Soter BIM models have a data structure with all relevant product information, including COBie and links to the website for details of installation and maintenance. These models are ideal for architects or designers who wish to take a proactive and responsible approach to health & safety by integrating a safety system to work with each building’s bespoke design. A more detailed, accurate and prescriptive specification or warranty that protects the building over its entire life, can be requested by contacting us on 01924 472251 or by emailing

However, a large part of SFS’s UK business is the manufacture and supply of fasteners for the building envelope. The fastener plays a fundamental role in the roof or façade system but with current working practices and BIM software technology we believe at this time a 3D BIM object would be irrelevant.

At SFS intec, we believe structured data, product information in plain language with simple questions and answers allowing integration into a greater system element, be that data or 3D geometry is the way forward, and SFS is leading the way, by developing data for our products that can be used now.

In addition to our CAD drawings, ETA and Technical Value sheets, we have defined our own structured product data template, initially for self-drilling fasteners and we can now offer 5 Structured Data Sheets for fasteners SL2, SX3, SX5, SXC5 and SXC14. These data sheets provide information content that defines our product, its properties and functional characteristics. The Data sheets are available in pdf format for free download from our website at You can also request excel files by contacting us on 0113 2085 500 or emailing

Andy Stolworthy works as Product Manager at SFS, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fastening systems and high-performance hinges. With considerable experience in BIM, he co-chairs a sub-group of BIM4M2, an organisation that represents manufacturers in the wider UK BIM Alliance.


Andy Stolworthy

Product and Market Development Manager

SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd

Tel: 0113 2085 500

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